10 Star Trek Episodes That Are Not As Good As People Say

They're more Ferengi laser-whip than Klingon disruptor.


This is one of those pieces where you know that someone will not be happy with the results. Every episode is a classic surely? How can we blaspheme and say that there are some installments which hit a quarter impulse when they should be hitting warp 9.95?

There are a lot of themes, characters, storylines and special effects that can make or break an episode and turn a classic into an also-ran or even a second season Enterprise show. When I was younger, a friend of mine would wax lyrical about the next Voyager episode and recommend I watch it. I would then end up spending 45 minutes getting moderately/very/totally/utterly disappointed on several occasions. Even worse, could there be €“ shock €“ some episodes that don't live up to the hype in other Star Trek series? This is one of those questions that can be viewed from a few angles. Indeed, hindsight is forever a wonderful thing and after three or four re-watches does The Best of Both Worlds really equal the finest 45 minutes of Star Trek ever written and produced? The answer to that is probably, but then there are a few examples where over-excited Trekkies/Trekkers (delete as applicable) might have got it all wrong. Are there some stories out there across the generations that are all pomp and no substance? Does a flowery title or the promise of something amazing even for the Wonders of Star Trek give way to disappointment and the feeling that a remake of The Way to Eden or Threshold would have been more welcome? This turned out to be very difficult to pick as it's very, very personalised. Someone out there probably has these are their top ten episodes of all time. So let's take a look at the gimmicks, the plots and the people that drove fans to a frenzy and then turned out to be more Ferengi laser-whip than Klingon disruptor...

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