10 Star Wars Actors You Never Knew Were In Doctor Who

6. John Hollis

John Hollis was a prolific actor, having many roles in radio, television, and film in his long career. He performed in numerous plays for BBC Radio, including Great Expectations, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Conan Doyle's Inspector Lestrade, among others. He was a mainstay on British television, starring in many classic programs such as The Saint, Grange Hill, and The Avengers. Besides his roles in Star Wars and Doctor Who, John Hollis has an extensive list of sci-fi appearances. The Day Of The Triffids, The Tomorrow People, Blake's 7, Flash Gordon, Superman's I and II, and A For Andromeda all boast his presence. Plus, he has an uncredited role as Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. His versatility was boundless. You are probably most familiar with him for his turn as Lando Calrissian's Cloud City chief administrative aide, bald cyborg Lobot. What you may not know is that Hollis played Professor Sondergaard in the Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who story, The Mutants, where he tried to find a cure for the Solonians' mutations, only realising it was all a part of their natural life cycle. Which marks the halfway point of this list, bringing us to...
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