10 Star Wars Shows That NEED To Happen

10. Jango Fett: from killer to cloner


Any bounty hunter that wields two pistol blasters and a jet-pack deserves their own TV show, but when we talk about Jango Fett, the case for one gets even stronger. He is a skilful and deadly killer with an awesome suit of armour, but at the end of the day, we don't really know much about him or where he comes from.

A television show based on his younger days would be an amazing way to shed light on the life of a truly wicked bounty hunter. Seeing him flying around a galaxy where Jedi are still patrolling the star systems would create some captivating combat scenes, and would also give Jango the chance to show everyone why he is feared throughout the stars.

But that's not all! The show could also do something really special with the character and show us the life of an ageing bounty hunter longing for more in life.

When we first meet Jango in Attack of the Clones, he is the template for the clone army and a father, having requested an unaltered clone to raise as his own. How did this agreement come about? Why did Jango want a son? The show could take on an almost Western feel - both in tone and aesthetic - and tell the age-old tale of the gunslinger looking for a home, and provide explanations for these massive questions.

There are so many questions left unanswered by the films regarding Jango Fett, and this type of show could be a very human and very cool way of exploring the backstory of an iconic character.

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