10 Stupidest Decisions Made By Characters On The Walking Dead

Win a gunfight with a pair of scissors? Sounds legit.

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The Walking Dead at it's core is a show centred around a range of characters having to survive a zombie apocalypse. So as you might expect, a good portion of the show is dedicated to how the survivors choose to live their day to day lives, having to dodge threats from both the living and the dead.

The thing is, some of the choices the characters make are so baffling, you wonder how anyone is still left standing.

Sure, it would be a pretty boring show if everybody breezed through the apocalypse, but there is a certain level of idiocy this lot seem to display, just so the writers can stretch out the plot even further.

We see the cast navigate a whole range of issues with complicated methods that normally gets them through by the skin of their teeth, only for another character to ruin everything with one stupid decision.

Even worse, sometimes the whole group contributes to these ridiculous moments. It can really ruin your immersion in the show, as you're sat there scratching your head on just how anyone could make so many consecutive mistakes, yet still survive several years into the apocalypse.

These are the most standout stupid decisions made by characters on The Walking Dead.

10. Bringing Randall Back To The Farm

walking dead beth

Bringing Randall back to the farm was just one of many strange choices the characters made throughout the show's slow second season.

While it did provide a good catalyst for Rick and Shane's drifting relationship to deteriorate even further, you do have to wonder what was going through the group's mind when they decided to save Randall and bring him home with them.

Randall was a part of a group that had just tried to kill Rick, Hershel and Glenn, and he took a few shots at the trio himself. He then proceeded to fall off of a roof and impale his leg on an iron fence.

With walkers surrounding the group, it would've made more sense for Rick to put Randall out of his misery and kill him out of mercy. Instead, they rip his leg off of the fence and take him home.

While Rick's intentions may of been admirable, you've got to remember that once Randall was bought back to the farm, he was left in a barn in the dark, blindfolded and regularly beaten and interrogated by Shane and Daryl. It's hardly like Rick saved him from a fate worse than death. By the end of his time on the show, Randall gets his neck snapped and is left to turn.

He probably would've preferred been put out of his misery on that fence.


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