10 Stupidest Game Of Thrones Moments

George R.R Martin must be so proud...


As a television series that has broken numerous world records and won countless awards, Game Of Thrones is undeniably phenomenal.

With innumerable shocking betrayals and depressing deaths of fan-favourite characters, the show’s unforgettable moments - like the red wedding - have cemented it as a medieval fantasy like no other.

That is before season seven, at least.

Since surpassing the events of the books by George R.R Martin, the series’ anti-Hollywood trademark has been inconsistent thanks to a lot of goofy moments that only David Benioff and David Weiss can be held responsible for.

Yet, while there were a lot of dumb moments in its penultimate season, it would be wrong to say it was alone in its silliness. For there were instances of poor writing and direction in its best years, too.

Some of these were forgivable thanks to being minor annoyances, but certain moronic changes from the books and idiotic scenes deserve to be lamented due to ruining the series’ tone and ridding characters of what made them great.

None of these moments can rob the show of its achievements, but they do tarnish its reputation and appeal for being an original epic that refuses to succumb to the worst Hollywood tropes and fantasy clichés.


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