10 Superhero TV Shows That Completely Missed The Mark

Powers was nothing to Marvel at...


Almost every other film released nowadays is a superhero movie. Whilst, superhero films of the past often failed to meet expectations due to questionable CGI and storytelling, the modern era of the superhero film has seen an unparalleled success rate with new films churned out each year rarely missing the mark. The Fantastic Four reboot was certainly an unwelcome reminder of how it can still sometimes go wrong.

However, this is the age of television, in which silver screen success is increasingly brushed aside in favour of streaming services promoting an unyielding wave of quality TV series…and the superhero genre has certainly not missed out.

The likes of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Marvel Agents of Shield have finally brought legitimacy and quality to a genre of TV that has often resided in the annuls of embarrassing television. Early Spiderman series are unwillingly funnier than any comedy produced today.

But, even though it may seem that Marvel, DC and co. are, like Superman, too overpowered to fail, some still don’t quite get it right. To be honest, anything before 2000 can’t be considered a misfire but inherently a leotard and cape–clad turkey.

Alas, there is nothing super about this list.

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