10 Teen TV Dramas You Should Be Watching Right Now

10. Sex Education


Sex Ed classes are always awkward to be in. They always have the wrong kind of teacher teaching sex to kids who are either never ready for it or have already had far too much sex. And you are always distracted from the gross biology charts because you're checking out the attractive classmate across the room.

This is something the hit British Netflix show Sex Education understands perfectly. The show stars Asa Butterfield as a sexually disinterested teenager named Otis alongside his sex therapist mother Jean who is played by the fantastic Gillian Anderson of X-Files and The Crown fame.

The show takes sex to a whole new level with its over-the-top sex scenes and nudity along with truckloads of on-the-spot comedy comes together to create something not often seen in the teen drama genre which is well worth a binge-watch just for the amazingly well-written characters alone.

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