10 Terrible CGI Moments That Almost Ruined The Walking Dead

Oh deer, oh deer.

The Walking Dead

Although it's one of the biggest shows on TV, The Walking Dead has always had a notoriously small budget when compared to its contemporaries. While it does its best job to hide the discrepancy though, the limitations of the budget - compared to the likes of Game of Thrones - are instantly apparent in the often-sloppy CGI and visual effects used throughout the series.

Unlike that latter show, which can convincingly bring gigantic dragons to life and rival The Lord of the Rings with its ambitious fantasy battles, The Walking Dead often struggles to make even basic things such as blood splatters, animals, and cities look convincing.

With that said, it's not always the worst, and a quick glance at some behind-the-scenes footage shows that the effects team actually do a bang-up job considering the amount of work they have to do - it's just that when TWD's CG is bad, it's really bad.

Whether it's down to the budget, time, or simply not having enough resources, not every CGI shot is created equal, and the filmmakers have repeatedly dropped the ball over the years, resulting in botched moments which came close to sinking the show's credibility entirely.


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