10 Terrible TV Adaptations Of Classic Films (That Everybody Forgot About)

Can you remember any of these? No? It's probably for the best!

New Line Cinema/Spike

Television shows can originate from a wide variety of sources, with a constant stream of ideas and inspirations required for the ever-growing base of broadcast networks and streaming platforms to fill their airwaves.

Consequently, it is relatively common to see a film adaptation or reimagining of a classic television series, but the reverse is much rarer.

They will surely grow further in prominence as Disney+ ekes out multiple companion pieces to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars saga, but there is still mostly a clear line between the worlds of television and film that has not yet been blurred.

This rarity could be attributed to several factors – films have traditionally been seen as a superior medium to television and smaller-budget takes on the source material could be automatically dismissed as inferior and deemed unworthy of broadcast.

It could also be because historically, such adaptations have largely been terrible. Like, really terrible. Here are ten that sank like lead balloons on television, best left forgotten lest they besmirch the legacy of their cinematic predecessors for anyone else.

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