10 Terrifying Anime Villains That Gave You Nightmares

Love them or hate them, these baddies are some of the most terrifying creations in all of anime.

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Anime contains some of the most celebrated and beloved villains in any medium. It also has some of the most skin-crawling and chilling baddies that will haunt you the rest of your days.

From minor one-off villains to major antagonists, there is no shortage of frightening foes to choose from. This list not only aims to rank these monsters, but to also highlight some lesser talked about ones. Even evil deserves its time in the spotlight... well, sometimes.

What's really great about so many anime villains is just how many there are that fans either love to hate or hate to love. Some are loved so much, in fact, that that many see them as anti-heroes rather than what they are.

Don't fret however, everyone has a few beloved villains. There is no judgement here. If anything, consider some of these choices to be a reminder of no matter how cool or seductive some of these guys may be, they're still far from grace.

Take a deep breath, because it's time to take a walk in the dark with a look at some truly terrifying bad guys.

10. Zamasu - Dragon Ball Super

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Really? Zamasu? Not Frieza, Cell, Buu, or any of the big hitters? Yep, that's right, Zamasu.

Just about every villain since the beginning of Dragon Ball decades ago has be able to be physically defeated. Not this guy. Nope, an entire timeline had to be erased just to get rid of him. If Goku weren't best friends forever with the anime's version of God, the good guys would have lost this one.

Zamasu is also just flat out scary. He is on an unrelenting mission to wipe all mortals from existence fearing the possibility of them one day reaching the power of the gods. Zamasu pursues this galactic genocide with an enthusiasm that pushes him so far beyond the realm of sanity that there is no way back.

There's also that whole bit where, after his physical body is destroyed, the sky becomes a cosmic horroresque nightmare when his face is painted blood red all through the infinite dark of space. Remember when this show was a fun romp about collecting magic orange balls?

The real scary part here though? No matter how hard Goku tries, he can never reach this level of strength. That's right, the guy who has gone toe-to-toe with literal angels and demons will always be in this lunatic's shadow.


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