10 Terrifying Supernatural Monsters That Kept You Up At Night

With 287 episodes, which of Sam and Dean's foes is truly the most chilling?

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When looking back at the 15 season run that Supernatural has had, its quite remarkable that the show has managed to reinvent itself as much as it has. There have been ups and downs, however the one place that has always remained consistent is the rogue’s gallery.

Drawing similarities to the X-Files for its occasional “monster of the week” structure, Supernatural has embraced this format and given us some truly terrifying monsters over the span of its lifetime.

From the depths of hell to the folklore of backwoods America, the Winchester Brothers have faced some iconic monsters and demons, but only some make you a little bit nervous before you turn the lights off.


10. Shojo

The CW

A creature from Japanese legend, the Shojo is a unique spirit that can only appear to an individual when drunk. This might not sound that scary on paper, but when you think about it this is one of the creepiest foes the Winchester’s have faced. Appearing in the seventh season of the show, the Winchesters encounter this creature after a call from Garth Fitzgerald, a hunter who needs their help.

Firstly, the aesthetic is something straight out of Japanese horror cinema, echoing elements of Ringu in its design. However, what makes this spirit one of the most frightening creatures is that it is corporeal and only appears to people who are intoxicated with alcohol.

This means that the spirit always has its victims at their most vulnerable when they are unable to defend themselves. Combine this with the fact it disembowels its victims, and you have a winning formula for a uniquely chilling creature in Supernatural.

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