10 Things The Wire Fans Couldn’t Get Enough Of

7. The Bunk And McNulty Bromance

Omar, The Wire

The work environment is often made tolerable by the relationships we build with our colleagues. Lifelong bonds can be made and mutual respect can be created, granting us some of our greatest memories. That is of course before we add the level when roasting each other is the norm.

Bunk and McNulty's fabulous relationship is an iconic tale of two men in law enforcement with a candid lip, even if they have differing opinions on chain of command. What we are treated to is a lovable love-hate relationship complete with full conversations requiring but a single word, constant jostling for the moral high ground and clips of two drinking buddies shooting the breeze after a long days' work.

The fundamental difference is that Bunk is able to understand the chain of command and, more importantly, how to follow it. McNulty on the other hand lets his passion get the better of him, and while he’s aware of the system, he seems incapable of sticking to it. McNulty is good at his job, but is also a back-burning loose cannon who Bunk regularly scolds for “giving a f*ck when it’s not your turn to give a f*ck”, essentially creating more headaches then he solves, especially for others. The ensuing banter is a joy to behold and as fans, we were glued to our screens seeking out the next battle of wits between the pair.

What a duo.

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