10 Things We Need To See In House Of The Dragon Season 2

"What is this brief mortal life, if not the pursuit of legacy?"

House of the Dragon
"Hard lessons are not welcomed, but suffered".

Mysaria's portentous words perfectly sum-up the glorious tale of redemption that House of the Dragon has been for HBO.

When the return to Westeros was announced, there was a palpable air of tension about proceedings. Fans had just about recovered from the abhorrent mess that was Game of Thrones' final season and many were skeptical about the merits of a show based in the universe that had cut them so deeply. Thankfully, these pessimistic notions swiftly melted away as House of the Dragon arrived in a glorious maelstrom of fire and blood.

The show is darker and more adult than Game of Thrones, significantly moving away from some of the latter's more fantastical elements. However, it simultaneously draws on all of the beloved characteristics of the early seasons of the original epic show while providing a magnificent new take on George RR Martin's legendary universe. House of the Dragon's casting, script and inspired use of seamlessly executed time jumps have all been critically acclaimed by fans and audiences alike, who are already champing at the bit to see the Dance of the Dragons kick off in earnest following the tragic death of Lucerys Velaryon in the rain lashed skies above Storm's End.

With that being said, if House of the Dragon is to keep what has been a wildfire of positive critical reception burning brightly, there are several elements that are an absolute must for when HBO inevitably make their epic return to the shores of Westeros.

10. The return of the Starks

House of the Dragon

Winter is coming to House of the Dragon in Season 2.

The first season finale, The Black Queen, saw Jacaerys and Lucerys sent on separate missions as envoys on behalf on Rhaenyra. While viewers are now painfully familiar with the tragic fate that befalls Luke on his journey to Storm's End, Jace's storyline has yet to play out onscreen.

Rhaenyra's eldest son has been sent as an emissary to House Stark and House Arryn in an attempt to sway them to the Black's cause, meaning that the show will see the return of two of Game of Thrones' most storied families - this is particularly exciting news in the case of the Starks. While the beloved family have only made a cameo appearance during Rhaenyra's acclamation as heir on the show to date, it will come of little surprise that arguably Game of Thrones' most famous House has a role to play in the Dance of the Dragons. As such, it is crucial that HBO's offering does the gravity of their momentous on-screen return justice.

At the time House of the Dragon is set, the head of the Stark family is the Wolf of the North, Cregan Stark. Considering the pivotal role that Cregan ultimately plays in proceedings, it is vital that House of the Dragon continues with their usual casting panache for the show's take on the Wardens of the North; it is no mean feat living up to the likes of iconic Stark actors in the vein of Sean Bean and Richard Madden.


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