10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alison Brie

6. Her TV Break Was In Hannah Montana

Brie€™s first role in a TV series was in the 2006 Hanna Montana episode, It€™s My Party And I€™ll Lie If I Want To. Obviously you remember the episode in question, but to refresh your memory, it€™s the one where Miley lies to Lilly about going to Kelly Clarkson€™s birthday party, and everything gets totally crazy. Anyway, Brie played a ditzy young girl who practised hairstyles on Miley€™s brother Jackson. It must have been quite weird for her, as she was 24 when filming (she€™s a full ten years older than Miley Cyrus). She won€™t have been completely out of place though, because Jason Earles, who played Jackson, was born in 1977, despite playing a 16 year old. That means he was just one year shy of 30 when this episode came out (undoubtedly the weirdest fact you€™ll learn from this article).
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