10 Things You Learn Re-Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It's great the first time around, but there might be a few things you didn't notice right away...

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine took to our screens in 2013, and has been enjoyed the world over ever since.

With six seasons on Netflix ready to be viewed at a moment's notice, it's become an easy binge for viewers young and old.

Watching it for the first time, it's easy to be swept up into the circus of it all; it's funny and fast-paced with a truly brilliant cast of comedic actors. Watching it a second time, however, a few things become clearer.

Whether it's realising just how much you see Hitchcock and Scully sitting around eating in the background, or how often you find yourself wondering how Peralta actually gets any work done, there are so many details that only come to light once you've given yourself a second run at the show.

Here are 10 things that you learn when you re-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

10. Boyle Is A Badass

04 Terry Crews Spider brooklyn nine nine

Everyone overlooks Charles Boyle to begin with.

It's not hard to understand why – after all, he is, in the early seasons of the show at least, the punchline of most of the jokes.

What a second viewing reveals, however, is the depth of his character, hidden beneath more than a few layers of ridicule.

Boyle is a funny character; he's odd, he doesn't match society's idea of what a police officer should be, and he seems to be barely self-aware.

A re-watch reveals just how strong Boyle truly is: he takes a bullet for Rosa, he effortlessly balances being a father to his adopted son with his police work, and he is unflinchingly loyal to the rest of the squad.

As funny as he may be, closer inspection reveals that Boyle is certainly no joke.


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