10 Things You Learn Re-Watching Watchmen Episode 1

Who watches the Watchmen twice? Well, here's why you definitely should... and nobody will blame you.


HBO's Watchmen series is finally here and it's just as dense, deliberate, and layered as the original comic. Even veterans of the extended works, spin-offs, and tie-ins are confused about the smallest details of the first episode.

Plenty of work has already been done documenting the Easter eggs and references to the original 1986 comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons featured in the episode. However, it's worth pointing out that clever nods and callbacks are not the only things hidden throughout, and that there are actually a select few moments that could foreshadow where HBO's latest show may be heading.

It's understandably easy to get swept up in the spectacle of Watchmen, to the point where you'll end up missing some of the pilot episode's most important details. That's why a re-watch is encouraged, but if you can't get around to doing so, this handy list looks back on some of the more interesting sequences in the episode.

With only one episode to draw from, it's not fully clear which details will end up influencing the overarching story. That said, here's why you're going to want to take another look at this episode before the next one drops this Sunday...

Spoilers ahead!

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