10 Things You Learn Rewatching Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers is filled with puns and pop culture references, but what else did you miss?

Bobs Burgers Louise

Bob's Burgers recently hit the milestone of producing over 200 episodes. And with a soundtrack, a cookbook and even an upcoming movie to come out of the franchise, it now stands as one of best animated shows currently going. The series celebrated its ten year anniversary last month and it has been quite a journey reaching the success it has achieved today.

The cartoon sitcom resonated with viewers because the main family portrayed - The Belchers - actually felt like a real family. There may be disagreements between the children and parents but overall, you get a real palpable sense of love and unity between them.

Bob the patriarch is a loving, devoted father who will do anything for his kids. His wife Linda supports their children unconditionally and in turn, Tina, Gene and Louise love them back.

Because of its easy watching nature and a category of humour that appeals to several demographics, Bob's Burgers is completely binge-worthy.

Although it would seem like a fairly simple cartoon, there are certain hidden aspects that you only pick up on when you re-watch the series.

10. The Continuity Is Amazing

Bobs Burgers Louise

Generally, for the sake of convenience, cartoons do not have any sense of continuity. For example, a character can be involved in a dangerous stunt that would usually leave them severely injured for years afterwards, but the whole debacle is otherwise forgotten in the very next episode.

And yes, whilst Bob's Burgers tends to follow an episodic narrative that you can dip in and out of, it's the subtle details that give it a sense of fluidity. The best example is Bob's half done equestranaut tattoo which can visibly seen every time his back is bare.

But there are other instances of a small change or a characteristic in the Belchers lives remaining permanent, whether it's the modernised restaurant bathroom, the dented ice cream machine caused by the mechanical shark, Teddy never knowing where to sign a bit of paper or Louise frequently carrying her own chalk.


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