10 Things You Only Notice Rewatching Seinfeld

9. Larry David Was The First Iteration Of Newman

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Although becoming one of the most iconic recurring mainstays on the Seinfeld roster, there was a time where Newman was not only unpopular, but unseen, uncredited and substantially underutilised, in his prototypical debut that most people probably don't even remember occurring.

Appearing - or not appearing depending on how you perceive it - all the way back in Season 3's "The Revenge", the man known simply as Newman was simply a talking ghost. Not in a literal sense, but in the fact that he initially served the series as an egregiously sinister joke, with his vocal performance coming through the voice of Larry David.

Now, anyone who has seen the series needn't be informed that David never once reprised this role, as the next appearance of the character would be masterfully played by Wayne Knight (a man who dominated the 1990s in smaller, background roles) in the character's physical debut, "The Suicide".

The devious Newman was always fondly remembered after Knight took up the mantle, but preceding that, in which Larry David played him, the character was nothing more than a quick laugh that was allegedly going to be retired shortly after the gag had fizzled out. Thank God (and Larry David) that we got to see more of this character.

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