10 Times Netflix Caused Major Viral Trends

Netflix's Biggest Viral Trends - Tiger King Memes, The Crown's Fashion, Chess & The Queen's Gambit!


Subliminal messaging is a mainstay for anyone trying to sell their products, and Netflix being the heavyweight they are, they are not going to pass up on such a clever marketing tool anytime soon. But sometimes, even Netflix can influence its audience in a way they never intended to. Maybe it’s because we mindlessly binge watch their shows, maybe we are just too susceptible to suggestion… or maybe we need to give Netflix more credit than we ever even realised.

Tell me, have you ever finished a show after an intense 2-day binge session with a strange urge to DO something? Maybe you finish sugar rush and find yourself in a daze, craving something sweet. Or maybe you’ve submerged yourself in such a deep pit of true crime that your impulse to kill begins to take over. Of course, I hope that last one didn’t happen, but to each their own, I guess.

It’s with the recent release of Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit that the wider public have started to catch on to Netflix’s possible agenda as sales for chess boards hit a sky rocket high, inspiring dozens of articles to comment on the sudden craze. It is also the inspiration for this here list, so maybe you could say I myself have been seduced by their powers of suggestion…


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