10 Times The Walking Dead Traumatised Fans

Sometimes the TV Show steps over the line...


We just cannot avoid The Walking Dead. The comic book series flourished for sixteen years, and the TV show has dominated our screens for a decade, yet The Walking Dead universe still shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

With spin-off shows Fear The Walking Dead, World Beyond, the Rick Grimes movies, and a Daryl and Carol duo series, the heart of the show is expected to continue for many years even after the final season of the core show concludes in the next year.

The Walking Dead is known for its brutal violence, and there's sure to be many more moments of tense action, heartwarming character relationships, and gut-wrenching deaths and gore as the franchise transitions into its next phase. However, it'll be very hard for the creators to top some moments in the show's history that left an overwhelming feeling of dread among the fans.

By examining all 147 episodes of the original show to date, this list compiles 10 of the biggest shocks, heart wrenching deaths, questionable storylines, and disgusting moments of gore that have traumatised fans over the years.


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