10 Times TV Actors Thought They Would Be Fired For Sure

These actors were convinced they were about to get the chop.

Friends Chandler Kathy

The fast-moving world of TV production is chaotic and unpredictable, and with so many plates spinning in the air, members of an ensemble cast can't ever be sure how long a gig will last.

Generally speaking, a recurring part on a TV show is a dream job for most actors, and so the fear of losing a lucrative role on a major series is understandable.

These 10 actors, all of whom played major, memorable characters on hit TV shows, all feared at one point or another that they would end up getting the chop.

Perhaps a production miscommunication put them in the firing line, they made a huge mistake on their first day on set, or simply lacked the self-confidence to appreciate the great work they were doing.

But of course as it turned out, none of these actors were in fact dismissed from their jobs, going on to complete their work and, in some instances, even doing well enough that their role was expanded.

Though Hollywood is a tough, ruthless place to work, these actors at least eventually found out their crippling fear and anxiety was ultimately unwarranted...

10. Paget Brewster - Friends

Friends Chandler Kathy

Paget Brewster memorably appeared in six episodes of Friends' fourth season as a love interest of both Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc).

However, in a recent interview with ComingSoon.net, Brewster admitted that she expected to be canned from the role before she'd even shot a single scene, due to a hair-related miscommunication while getting ready to film her part.

During rehearsals, Brewster went to have her hair styled by the show's hairdresser, who took her black, short bob with bangs, cut it short and then dyed it red.

According to Brewster, producer Kevin Bright was incensed by this, shouting that he hired Brewster for her black hair, at which point Brewster went to her dressing room and packed up her belongings, believing she would be fired over somebody else's misunderstanding.

Bright then went up to her dressing room and assured Brewster both that he didn't hire her simply for her black hair and that she wasn't fired. After Brewster confirmed she herself was happy with the red hairdo, it was retained as a defining part of the character's look.

Speaking of the incident now, Brewster called it "a bad few minutes when I thought I was going to get fired from Friends."

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