10 Tired Sitcom Clichés That Really Need To Die

Oh another zany guest star? How novel!


It’s winter, which means that the new TV season is underway, and for comedy, at least in the US, tastes are starting to shift away from conventional multi-camera sitcoms. To nobody’s surprise, The Big Bang Theory is still going, and Will & Grace has made a comeback, but elsewhere, multi-cam comedies are dropping like flies.

2 Broke Girls, Dr. Ken, and Last Man Standing all got the boot, Baby Daddy bowed out after six years, and Kevin Can Wait has undergone a significant reshuffle, with the firing of female lead Erinn Hayes. Elsewhere, more low-key and serious comedies like Fleabag and Modern Family are the new black.

Of course, this is only natural since comedy goes in cycles in terms of what's popular. If it had come out at around the same time as The Office, Mrs Brown’s Boys would have probably been completely slaughtered, instead of becoming a smash hit. US multi-camera comedy is undoubtedly in a bit of a slump right now, but there’s bound to be another big success at some point.

Until that next big thing comes around though, the tide turning against studio sitcoms in the US does suggest that there are some things about the genre that audiences feel they could do without...

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