10 Transformers Who SWITCHED SIDES

Many Transformers have deserted their factions over the years.

Transformers Starscream IDW

The Autobots and Decepticons have been waging war with each for eons, and each different continuity brings further conflict for the two factions. With the various comics, tv shows, and movies centring around these wrestling robots, you have to wonder... doesn't anyone get a bit sick of it? Do some Autobots wonder what it would be like to not be the underdogs for once? Alternatively, surely some Decepticons must get tired of losing to the underdogs?

Sorry to remind people of Michael Bay's Trans formers movies, but thinking back to 2011's Dark of the Moon, during the obligatory ending speech, Autobot head honcho Optimus Prime said: "In any war, there are times where our allies turn against us." Well, wouldn't you know it, he was absolutely spot on.

Throughout the years of brutal brawls and bombastic battles, shocking deaths and eyebrow-raising resurrections, there have been more than a few turncoats in the Autobot ranks, and a good number of Decpticon traitors too. I suppose that after millions of years of having the same squabble against the same enemies, I'd be aching for a bit of change too.

10. Cliffjumper (Prime)

Transformers Starscream IDW

Poor old Cliffjumper, always drawing the short straw. In near enough all iterations of Transformers, the Autobot scout has been nothing more than a Bumblebee repaint. In most of those iterations, he's the sacrificial character. And in one iteration, he turned Decpticon.

Okay, well in the show Transformers: Prime, Cliffjumper may not have exactly switched sides as much as become a Decpticon zombie. In his debut scene in episode one, he was mercilessly murdered by Starcream, but (like many Transformers) he had a resurrection, albeit zombified thanks to a shard of Dark Energon.

He may not have been particularly willing - due to him being dead and all that - but Cliffjumper did have a small stint fighting against the Autobots as an undead Decepticon warrior called a Terrocon.

While it may not have been his choice, at least we'll remember him for being more than the Bumblebee clone that always dies.

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