10 TV (And Movie) Mysteries That Desperately Need Closure

The Sopranos James Gandolfini

One of the many things that can define a great TV show or movie is a mystery, something that captures our imagination and has us feverishly speculating with friends and online about what it could all possibly mean. Sometimes, these will lead to a pay-off, and in other instances, the mystery will be the climax, the agonisingly unanswered question that haunts us for days. Brilliant though all of these projects are, so drawn into them were we that we were left brilliantly by frustrated by the enigma before us. Would these shows possibly miss the point or just end up disappointing us if they had, in fact, revealed the answer to the mystery? Absolutely, but it doesn't stop many a curious mind still wanting to know. Here are 10 TV (and movie) mysteries that desperately need closure...

10. What Caused The Zombie Apocalypse? - The Walking Dead

walking dead It's mentioned very scarcely in both the comics and the TV show, and it's one of the most nagging questions going - what caused the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead? The comic's writer, Robert Kirkman, has stated in interviews that he has intentionally shied away from explaining the cause of the plauge, as a nod to the classic George A. Romero zombie flicks, and also so as to focus instead on the characters and the scrapes they get themselves into. There's only one sci-fi-esque episode in the entire show's run so far, and that's the first season finale, in which Rick and co. end up at a CDC facility, where Rick is told about the nature of the virus (that everyone is infected, and it afflicts them when they die), but not the cause. Though it's not a vital part of the story, it's still certainly of interest (especially given that the show mostly lacks the Romero-inspired social commentary you might expect).

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