10 TV Characters Who Died Too Early

They had so much more to give.

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Death can be a tricky nut to crack in any media - get it right and you've got audiences eating out of the palm of your hand, but screw it up and it might even sour their entire perspective of the show forever more.

While there are certainly examples of sudden character deaths which came totally out of nowhere and blindsided viewers in a good way - that death in Game of Thrones' first season, for starters - often it leaves fans feeling that the character had so much more left to give.

To be clear, fans weren't simply upset that these characters were killed period, but that it was done before they'd reached maximum maturity, whereby their death would've had the strongest dramatic impact.

Indeed, these 10 TV characters all got put in the ground a good while before audiences were ready for it, and certainly a long time before their storytelling utility had run out.

Had these characters stuck around for another couple of seasons, few would've complained...

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