10 TV Characters Who Were Secretly Terrible People

9. Lori Grimes - The Walking Dead

The Office Jim Halpert

Across its 12 year run, The Walking Dead had a massive list of characters that came and went but few got close to how absolutely infuriating Lori Grimes was.

On the surface, Lori was a loving mother and wife. When the zombie apocalypse destroyed the United States and her husband was presumed dead, she did the only thing she could by escaping her home with her son and heading to the safe zone in Atlanta. So, when Rick arrives, it’s not surprising that Lori is a bit mixed up emotion-wise.

Still, as the group reaches the farm and then the prison things really start to fall apart. She seems ignorant to the reality of the situation and more focused on her own drama, putting lives in danger by suggesting supply runs or convincing Rick to go out of his way to save the abandoned Merle. She pushes back against the idea that Carl should be trained on how to use firearms in a zombie apocalypse.

And, worst of all, she plants the seed in Rick’s brain that “something has to be done” about the wildcard Shane and then is horrified when her husband kills him.

In the end, Lori's death is remembered for the impact it had on Rick, Carl and their relationship more than a "sad" farewell to a deeply troubled character.


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