10 TV Characters You Forgot Were Recast

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Nowadays, because of streaming, recognising inconsistencies across TV shows is much easier, considering you're watching episodes and seasons back to back.

If a character is recast halfway through a run, it's pretty easy to spot the change in appearance when you've been watching nothing but that show for 5 days in a row.

But back before we binge-watched EVERYTHING we could get our hands on, it wasn't so easy to pick apart plot inconsistencies, set changes and, of course, actor switch-ups.

There are many reasons as to why character may get recast on their show. Maybe the actor manages to snag a more important role on a different series, or maybe beef behind the scenes causes the cast member to be ousted.

Maybe there was no drama at all and everything was all very amiable.

It's not just the lack of streamable content that prevented you from remembering these switches. Blame can also be lifted off of your shoulders because some casting directors managed to outdo themselves with occasionally awesome replacements, bringing actors in that make the role their own.

10. Jason DiLaurentis - Pretty Little Liars

game of thrones night king

Pretty Little Liars took a while to find its footing. Season one and season two were strikingly different from each other. The tone stayed mostly the same but the drama definitely upped its ante, lots of new characters were brought in to beef up the series, and some of the smaller roles from the pilot season were given much more work to do.

One of the characters that ended up getting a new paint job, was the role of Jason DiLaurentis.

In the pilot series, Jason appeared in two episodes and was played by Parker Bagley. But due to the demand that was being placed on the character for season 2, the showrunners believed they needed a more capable actor to portray the preppy rich boy.

So ousted was Bagley, and Drew Van Acker was brought in due to his more impressive acting credits.

While this was a positive for Van Acker, this move seemed to be the cataclysm for Bagley's career. His last acting credit was from the same year he was replaced on PLL, and he was later arrested for larceny. And it is currently unknown whether or not Bagley has passed, due to various different reporting's online.


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