10 TV Couples That Should've Ended Up Together (But Didn't)

10. Barney And Robin - How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Robin Barney

After watching an entire season of How I Met Your Mother dedicated to this couple's wedding, how could you be okay with their divorce? Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the two creators of the show, had criticism thrown at them from fans across the globe, which is why they decided to release an alternate ending on the final DVD.

Barney and Robin's character development was one of the most entertaining, adorable, and inspiring aspects of the sitcom. It showed that a womanizer could transform into a one-woman type of guy and that a career obsessed woman terrified of commitment could find someone that she loved enough to actually marry. As twisted as their relationship was, they portrayed a realistic version of love that was messy, but genuine.


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