10 TV Moments You Didn't Expect To See This Season

Death, destruction and...Joe Exotic.


It's often repeated that we're living through the Golden Age of Television right now, and given the absurd spate of high-quality shows gracing our TVs, laptops, and smartphones at any one second, it's tough to disagree.

But great TV is one thing - what about shows that shocked, confounded, and took us all totally off guard?

These 10 TV series, all aired from 2019's fall season through to today, served up some of the most mind-meltingly unexpected moments across all entertainment media.

From jaw-dropping plot twists to insane death scenes, ridiculous cameos, and every barmy concoction in between, these are the moments that just about nobody banked on seeing.

Whether it worked against considerable odds, left fans infuriated, or turned out more divisive, you can't knock these shows for at least trying to do something fresh, creative, and ambitiously bizarre...

Of course it goes without saying that SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW for some of the hottest and most talked-about TV shows of the last six months, so you've been warned...


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