10 TV Plot Twists That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

If you were paying attention, these shocking TV plot twists could be spotted a mile away...

Buster Arrested

While fewer and fewer things have been known to genuinely catch a TV audience completely off-guard in modern times, with deeply shocking occurrences and all-round unexpected swerves now almost coming with the territory when it comes to the vast majority of new streaming service entities pumped into the landscape, there have still been those rare times when the stars have perfectly aligned in the lead-up to a stunning twist in the plot.

Yet, it isn't merely the size of the stunning shock on offer that separates a decent plot twist from a great one. It's in the more subtle details laced into a series under fans' very noses in the lead-up to said surprise where the true value of a once-unforeseen and eventually game-changing development can be found.

In short, this list will serve as a reminder to scrutinise and ferociously analyse every single frame of your binge-worthy series of choice going forward. Because you never quite know which seemingly throwaway visual or sound effect will come back to haunt your darlings later down the road.

From blink-and-you'll-miss-them significant shadows, to haunting chimes lingering longer than you thought, some unanticipated TV twists had actually been staring you in the face all along...

10. The Grandfather Clock Has Always Been Present - Stranger Things

Buster Arrested

Absolutely taking the ominous threat of the Upside Down to new levels over the course of Netflix's Season 4 of Stranger Things, the presence of the horrifying Vecna makes for one of the most chilling villains the streaming service has committed to our screens yet.

And while the ghoulish supernatural force breaking out to become the biggest threat the Hawkins gang have ever come face-to-face with acted as something of a new development to most, in truth, his presence on the show has been hinted at since the very beginning.

With Vecna's arrival on the scene in the lead-up to utterly massacring his chosen victims being heralded by some rather ominous chimes from the Creel family grandfather clock, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to note how said sounds may have actually been present in the show since Season 1.

As picked up by folks on TikTok in Chapter 1: The Vanishing of Will Byers, two chimes are present in the moments after Will falls off his bike. The clock can again be heard in Season 3 when Billy finds himself in the Upside Down, too, seemingly hinting at Vecna being the architect behind the supernatural happenings in Hawkins all along.


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