10 TV Revivals That Totally Ruined Awesome Characters

10. George Bluth Sr. - Arrested Development

Arrested Development George Jeffrey Tambor

Arrested Development's greatest strength is unarguably its incredible ensemble cast, with Jeffrey Tambor's dual portrayal of hilariously depraved siblings George Sr. and Oscar Bluth proving one of the easy highlights.

However, George Sr.'s role in the show's post-resurrection fifth season was a regrettable disaster of bad timing and poor editorial decision making, as the season was shot shortly before numerous sexual harassment allegations were levelled against the actor.

And so, when season five was released barely six months later, it was extremely offputting to see George Sr.'s storyline involving him attempting to balance out his low testosterone levels by shagging his way through Mexico with his son Gob (Will Arnett). Seeing Tambor play a creepy horndog simply wasn't funny anymore.

That's not to ignore an off-colour joke not-so-subtly referring to Tambor's portrayal of transgender woman Maura Pfefferman on the TV series Transparent, the very production where his alleged harassment took place.

And then there's the claims from actress Jessica Walter, who plays his wife Lucille on the show, that Tambor verbally harassed her on the set, which unavoidably caused fans to view any scene they shared together through a different lens than intended.

Given Tambor's relatively small role in season five, it might've made more sense to cut as many of these problematic scenes as possible.

In addition to lending the season a wince-inducing quality, it took one of the show's best characters and made him an all-too-real creeper.


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