10 TV Show Moments You're Misremembering

Ralph Wiggum's iconic one-liner actually came from another animated sitcom.

Family Guy Ralph Wiggum

Even a modest TV watcher has likely seen thousands of TV episodes over their lifetime, so you can't really be blamed for spacing on some of the facts and misremembering things.

But every so often audiences en masse will end up remembering a scene wrong, sharing a collective false memory which they swear is actually correct.

This is of course the Mandela Effect - a phenomenon where large groups share incorrect memories of an event, coined after the wide erroneous belief that South African leader Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s.

And it too applies across pop-culture, especially the democratic medium of TV, where these specific accounts of distinct TV show moments are actually flatly wrong.

From a widely-misquoted one-liner to a controversial scene not quite playing out as everybody remembers, and iconic costume choices we're all wrong about, these 10 TV moments have all been misremembered by millions and millions of viewers.

While many love to consider a paranormal bent to the Mandela Effect, it's really just the flawed manner in which our brains form memories, no doubt further effected by the consciousness-warping potential of social media...

10. Alexis Only Says "Eww, David" Three Times - Schitt's Creek

Family Guy Ralph Wiggum

Who doesn't love Schitt's Creek's Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy)?

A glorious parody of a spoiled socialite, Alexis slowly grows something resembling a soul over the course of the show's six seasons, and is surely best remembered for her repeated utterances of, "Eww, David!" in response to her brother David (Dan Levy).

Except, believe it or not, Alexis doesn't say her iconic catchphrase nearly as much as most people think. Almost never, in fact.

Though it's generally accepted among the fanbase that Alexis says "Eww, David!" dozens of times across Schitt's Creek's 80 episodes, she actually only says it three times throughout the entire show.

But because Alexis says "Eww!" and "David!" many, many times separately, and her three utterances of "Eww, David!" are especially memorable, fans have mentally conflated the two together.

Actress Annie Murphy even addressed the misconception herself during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where even she was surprised to learn that her character's catchphrase isn't said nearly as much as everybody assumes.

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