10 TV Show Scenes Actors Hated Shooting

9. George Reeves - Adventures Of Superman

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After his starring role as the Man of Steal in Superman and the Mole-Men (1951), George Reeves took Supes to the small screen in Adventures of Superman (1952-1958). Over 104 episodes, Reeves packed his adventures with all of Superman's notable powers and a few other additions, such as the ability to split himself in two. However, one power in particular almost led to real life tragedy causing Reeves to regret any scenes that utilised it.

As sponsors of the show, Kelloggs required its star to bring the suit and the portrayal to public appearances. It was during such an appearance that a young boy pulled a loaded gun on him with the intent of testing Superman's storied invulnerability to bullets. Reeve to his credit remained calm and talked the child down. Yet, he was so shaken by the incident that he refused to appear as the character in public again.

He remained firm that it was dangerous to portray a bulletproof hero on a children's TV show. Alongside this, he also replaced meet and greets with safety tours , which he used to educate and restate that real people aren't bulletproof.


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