10 TV Shows Dominated By The Last Character You'd Expect

Nobody really intended for these guys to become main characters. Look at 'em now!

Television is a strange beast. You might spend months - maybe even years - working on an idea, thinking you have a pretty clear understanding of your show, who the characters are, and what the plotlines are supposed to be. And then the fans, out of nowhere, seem to take a liking to a character that was never meant to be a major part in any way - they were there just for jokes or exposition. This happens a lot more than you'd think. For whatever reason, audiences often take a shine to certain characters or actors, and they end up becoming main characters or major supporting players. Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is one of the best examples of this: James Marsters was only ever meant to appear in a limited run of six episodes. Yes, Spike - the best villain of the entire show - was only meant to be a villain of the week. This list is made up of the actors and actresses who entirely dominated a show, even when their character wasn't meant to. Sitcoms are pretty prevalent here, presumably due to the fact they're usually shot week by week, and producers can go by the audience reaction to a certain character in person, and very quickly factor in said character for the following episodes...

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