10 TV Shows Everyone Should Watch At Least Once

Out of the many TV seasons produced for the small screen, these are the champions.


The small screen's golden age may seem like a cliche from the mainstream media, but if last couple of decades have proven anything, it's that there are some immensely talented people out there, creating deep and engaging stories told over numerous episodes stretched out to a full blown saga.

At many points, they give the best silver screen blockbusters a run for their money, rivalling them in terms of depth and resonance. The following franchises are masters of their craft, and we're about to lay out what makes them so superb, and why you need to watch them many years after their release.

These are shows that were brilliant all the way through, maintaining their wonderful stories and awe-inspiring presentation from beginning to end. Sorry Game of Thrones, you had a pretty good run - but you didn't earn a spot here unfortunately.

The following shows, be they dramas, historical adaptations or documentaries are absolutely essential viewing. They boast some of the best writing, proficient cinematography and committed narratives you'll ever see in the world of television - or even media in general.

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