10 TV Shows Everyone Should Watch At Least Once

Out of the many TV seasons produced for the small screen, these are the champions.

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The small screen's golden age may seem like a cliche from the mainstream media, but if last couple of decades have proven anything, it's that there are some immensely talented people out there, creating deep and engaging stories told over numerous episodes stretched out to a full blown saga.

At many points, they give the best silver screen blockbusters a run for their money, rivalling them in terms of depth and resonance. The following franchises are masters of their craft, and we're about to lay out what makes them so superb, and why you need to watch them many years after their release.

These are shows that were brilliant all the way through, maintaining their wonderful stories and awe-inspiring presentation from beginning to end. Sorry Game of Thrones, you had a pretty good run - but you didn't earn a spot here unfortunately.

The following shows, be they dramas, historical adaptations or documentaries are absolutely essential viewing. They boast some of the best writing, proficient cinematography and committed narratives you'll ever see in the world of television - or even media in general.

10. Planet Earth and other Attenborough Documentaries

Breaking Bad Walt Jesse

Starting off, we have a saga of lavishly produced nature documentaries driven by the always excellent insights of David Attenborough.

Beginning with The Blue Planet in 2001, the series has expanded and changed with new technologies and scientific discoveries. Across five series, three film releases and numerous books, the BBC produced franchise has delivered sublime sights from around the globe.

That said, it's the sheer amount of dedication to the craft that makes it all come together. David Attenborough's impassioned commentary only scratches the surface of Planet Earth's affecting power, even many years after its release.

Dazzling footage, detailed insights and superb narration all come together to make Planet Earth and other efforts in the series the best documentaries you'll ever watch. The filming crews work tirelessly to capture some incredibly rare sights from around the globe with each entry in the franchise tackling different environments.

The Blue Planet provided a fascinating glimpse into the world's oceans and this was quickly followed up by Planet Earth, a broader and more varied look at wildlife from every continent. Only with advancements in technology have Planet Earth's technical details progressed alongside a rousing soundtrack that works wonders in pulling its audience in.

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