10 TV Shows That Actually Benefited From Bad Acting

9. Mad Men

William Shatner Captain Kirk Star Trek

Though Mad Men boasted one of the most immaculate ensemble casts in the history of television, there was one sure outlier among the pack in January Jones, who portrayed Don Draper's (Jon Hamm) distant wife Betty.

Despite receiving Golden Globe and SAG nominations for her performance on the show, Jones is generally accepted among the fanbase to be the weakest link, trailing the rest of the main cast by a large margin.

And yet, Jones' icy lack of affect throughout the series, defined by a wooden delivery that borders on robotic at times, is ultimately absolutely perfect for the role of a dissatisfied 1960s housewife.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner clearly appreciated that Jones' stiff performance would be perfect for the part of the repressed, shallow Betty, though Jones' post-Mad Men work - including a shambolic performance in X-Men: First Class - hasn't exactly shown much improvement.

While a better actress might've strove to add more life and dimensionality to Betty, Jones' surface-level work was unintentionally quite brilliant in its own way.


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