10 TV Shows That Are FINALLY Ending

9. The Flash

The Handmaid's Tale Elisabeth Moss
The CW

When The CW's The Flash launched back in 2014, who could've predicted that it would run for a whole nine seasons and in turn become the longest-running Arrowverse series, beating out even Arrow itself?

Back in March, The CW confirmed that The Flash was wrapping up with a shortened ninth season, and given that it's the only Arrowverse show left standing, it will also effectively bring the entire franchise to an end.

And it's certainly long past due: though The Flash enjoyed strong reviews and ratings during its first few seasons, things eventually tapered off, and in season seven last year the ratings finally dipped below 1 million viewers for the first time.

The decline continued through season eight, where it reached a record low of just 0.48 million - a mere fraction of the 4.83 million viewers its first ever episode snagged.

After three or four seasons, The Flash settled for being too much of the same, and it became increasingly clear the central cast members had largely lost their enthusiasm for their roles - beyond a paycheck, of course. For all but the most hardcore fans, audience passion had dried up too.


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