10 TV Shows That Are Somehow Getting Better

Against all odds, these shows are all improving.

The White Lotus

Making a TV show sounds like a hot of hard work.

You have to think of plots, design sets, find all the props, and control a gaggle of unruly actors.

Do you know how hard that is? It's honestly easier to count grains of sand one by one. Less stressful too.

Whilst some shows start off with all the promise in the world, the real-life commitments needed to make it happen often get in the way over time. Stories fizzle out, actors and writers leave, people lose interest. It's a tale as old as TV time.

Not in the case of these ten offerings however, which are somehow going from strength to strength.

Whether they've had a recent renaissance or are have been improving season on season for a while now, each of them deserves a big shiny medal for their stamina.

In a world where so few shows survive the test of time, these lot aced it with flying colours and time to spare.

Will they continue their forward momentum in years to come? We certainly hope so, otherwise they'll have to give those medals back.

They don't come cheap, you know.

10. Tulsa King

The White Lotus

If you asked 100 people how old Sylvester Stallone was, the answers could range anywhere from 52 to 235.

The 76-year-old Stallone has done it all in the world of acting, except starring in a scripted TV show. That changed with the release of Tulsa King, in which Sly plays a mob boss who attempts to turn the sleepy city of Tulsa into a criminal's paradise.

The show dropped its first episode on Paramount+ on the 13th of November. Many were worried that Stallone's years of starring in direct-to-video action movies would have tainted his star power, but he actually carries the entire show.

He's received praise for his on-screen charisma and fish-out-of-water humour as a man who has spent the last 25 years incarcerated. The show has been well-received by fans and critics alike with a second season already in the pipeline.

Few would have expected it, but Stallone still has what it takes to play a convincing leading man. It's been a joy to watch him week-to-week in Tulsa King and long may his time at the top continue.

If only Adrian was around to see this.


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