10 TV Shows That Cleverly Foreshadow What Happens

Did you see these things coming in your favorite TV shows, or were just as fooled as the rest of us?


Foreshadowing is one of the most overused plot elements done poorly, but every once in a while, a television series will use foreshadowing in such a creative and cunning manner, most fans don't even realize it. They end up having to read about the epic foreshadowing done in their favorite show online before running back to watch it again.

Think about foreshadowing in movies like The Sixth Sense. When it's done well in movies like M. Night Shyamalan's breakout hit, foreshadowing can be fun and engrossing, especially on a second or third viewing.

More often than not, foreshadowing is obvious, and it can become a tired trope, but there have been the rare standout every once in a while. These television series clearly mastered the art of foreshadowing, and there's a good chance you didn't pick up on all or even most of these.

Even though most of these series have been over for quite some time, there are tons of SPOILERS throughout this article. If you don't want to find out what was foreshadowed in a show you've yet to finish, you may want to click on to the next one as you go through the article.


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