10 TV Shows That Failed To Stick The Landing

Saying goodbye is the hardest part. Especially when the end sucks...


Much like a flight, it’s the beginning and the end of a TV show that pose the most problems. Once you’re in the flow, it’s a piece of cake. Build up an audience, figure out what they like, keep feeding them more of the same, and you’re laughing.

Starting up is tricky, of course - you’ve got to lure people in and convince them to spend their time with you. It either works or it doesn’t. You crack on, or you’re cancelled.

Endings, though? That’s a risky game. Your show can run for three, five, 10 years, it can win all the awards in the world, it can be the talk of every office water cooler. But if you mangle the dismount, that’ll be all anyone remembers. You’re only as good as your last episode in this game.

Some shows have a great run and blow it at the final hurdle; some make a slow descent into mediocrity and downright rubbish (others still remain good for the entirety of their run, but that’s for another list). Here are 10 shows that just couldn’t stick the landing.

(Warning: spoilers, naturally, follow.)

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