10 TV Shows That Improved Upon The Source Material

8. The Umbrella Academy

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The Umbrella Academy is one of the finest feathers in Netflix's cap right now: a ludicrously entertaining superhero series elevated by its unexpectedly affecting writing and outstanding ensemble cast.

The TV show is adapted from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's acclaimed comic series, yet as entertaining as it is, the show takes that comic book blueprint and rides it to the next level.

The big advantage of the Netflix show over the comic is the larger canvas for character development - it invests so much time in its focal heroes, and after spending 30 hours with them to date across three seasons, it's safe to say that fans are firmly attached.

The comics certainly tout a more heightened, fantastical world, but the TV show is a much more emotionally rich experience, aided by its slower pace compared to the comics' more frantic clip.

The comic and TV show make for fine companion pieces, but the Netflix adaptation simply takes the IP to a more thoughtful, affecting place that the comic never did.

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