10 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

Lockwood & Co. won't be returning for season two, sadly.

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The fast-moving, high-pressure world of TV production sure is a trip, and the sad reality is that a show's quality isn't always reflected by its viewership.

Often great series will be ignored while atrocious, low-effort "content" gets all the eyeballs, resulting in said great shows being unceremoniously cancelled.

We live in an era where there's more TV being produced than ever before, and as traditional networks and streamers alike compete for your attention, it's of course inevitable that some projects end up falling by the wayside.

And if a show isn't pulling in sufficient viewing figures, most networks aren't going to keep it around, no matter how well-reviewed it might be.

And so in recent weeks we've seen networks do a little spring cleaning as they've announced which shows will and won't be returning for another go-around.

In some cases it's a crying shame that a terrific series is getting put out to pasture, while in others the writing was on the wall from the moment the first (awful) episode aired.

All the same, regardless of their quality, these glossy, big-budget shows all just got canned for better or worse...

10. National Treasure: Edge Of History

Physical Rose Bryne

Disney's National Treasure: Edge Of History really didn't stand a chance, did it?

A continuation of the Nicolas Cage-starring action-adventure films that fatally lacked the man himself, Edge of History was a glorified soft reboot which failed to endear its young new leads to fans of the original two movies.

Ultimately, the National Treasure series received predominantly negative reviews from critics and fans alike, for effectively using a brand name to launch a generic new adventure serial with a few unremarkable slivers of fan service.

And though viewing figures were encouraging out of the gate, it failed to sustain interest throughout or shore up much fan discussion online, which really says it all.

In late April, Disney confirmed that Edge of History wouldn't be returning for a second season, to the surprise of few who found the show so painfully, generically lacking.

Unfortunately, Disney might take the wrong message away from this and assume that people aren't interested in more National Treasure. In reality, they just want Nicolas Cage back as the lead.

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