10 TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

9. The Wonder Years

The Afterparty

Easy though it was to roll one's eyes at the prospect of a reboot of legendary coming-of-age series The Wonder Years, this Black-centric, Alabama-set reimagining proved to be a surprisingly charming treat, and enjoyed rave reviews from critics across its two seasons.

Yet despite the first season premiering to a healthy 3.23 million viewers, by the end of season two the linear TV ratings had collapsed to less than half that figure, so it wasn't a huge shock when ABC opted not to proceed with a third.

Then again, the network didn't exactly give the show a fighting chance, debuting season two in the ratings graveyard of the summer, where it unsurprisingly became ABC's least-watched series of the period.

It also likely didn't help that more than a year passed between the two seasons, which might be fine for production-intensive prestige drama series, but for a more technically straight-forward sitcom of all things? Not a chance.

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