10 TV Shows That Just Got Renewed

These fan-favourite shows kicked off 2020 with some good news...

The CW

Each year the television landscape gets more and more crowded with hopeful newcomers praying that they make enough of an impact to stick around, while long-standing veterans continue to prove why they are so darn, well, long-standing. Yes, the TV business is a fickle one but every now and again, a show comes along that just makes us all want to stop what we're doing and tune in - even if it isn't always for the right reasons.

It's shows like those that are often the lucky ones, as the networks behind them tend to respond well to strong viewing figures and social media buzz by renewing them for another season. Now, those aren't the only factors, as cost and potential international marketability also have to be considered when making the decision, but popularity does go a long way to ensuring that your favourite TV show returns for a follow-up.

We're still quite a bit off this season's infamous renewals/cancellations period, but that hasn't stopped some networks from prematurely pulling the plug on some of their shows, while handing out early renewals to the others. With that in mind, let's get to know some of the lucky ones that kicked off the new year with the confirmation that they will return for the next.

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