10 TV Shows That Made You Answer Impossible Questions

9. Dexter - What If Your Brother Was A Serial Killer?

Dexter Questions

Showtime’s drama/ thriller Dexter was a runaway hit upon its debut in 2006, with its killer premise—a serial killer who targets other serial killers—managing to satisfy viewer’s bloodlust whilst also allowing them to feel relatively morally upright.

And the show did manage to interrogate the morality of its protagonist throughout its eight-season run, with Michael C. Hall’s central turn never offering any easy answers or banal platitudes which excused the troubled protagonist’s twisted idea of vigilante justice. Well, until the widely-derided series finale, that is.

But there was a harder moral question at the core of Dexter’s premise, and it wasn’t the one faced by the titular protagonist. As tough cop and Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter put in a career-best performance, but it wasn’t until after the show’s lacklustre sixth season that the series posed its most troubling moral quandary-- What if your brother was a serial killer?

When Debra walks in on Dexter disposing of his latest victim, the smooth-talking hero convinces her this is a one-off occurrence, but the return-to-form seventh season centres around Morgan’s struggle with her complicity in Dexter’s crimes. Admirably the show offers no easy answers, and leaves the viewer wondering how they’d respond when faced with the ultimate test of family loyalty versus moral responsibility.

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