10 TV Shows That Mock You For Paying Attention

When paying attention isn't worth it.


Though many TV shows are designed to be nothing more than cotton candy for the brain after a long day at the office, there are certainly those series which reward viewers for keeping their eyes glued to, well, everything.

Then there are shows which, rather than bless eagle-eyed audiences with subtle in-jokes, secret storytelling flourishes, and low-key character development, instead decide to make fun of the very people paying the most attention.

These 10 TV series all took tremendous glee in hiding a joke in plain sight which only the most observant of viewers would ever notice, and then had the hilarious audacity to make these jokes at the expense of the very people discovering them.

Now, these gags typically aren't hugely mean-spirited or nasty, but they are nevertheless playing a dangerous game by making light fun of the very people who care the most about them.

Telling your audience they care too much about the details is a risky strategy, though these shows thankfully didn't seem to suffer much as a result...

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