10 TV Shows That Most Accurately Represent Britain

9. Skins

Peep Show Mark

As The Inbetweeners was covering the cringe worthy misadventures of lads growing up in suburbia, Skins was going much deeper.

The teen comedy-drama similarly followed a group of teenagers, but instead focussed on controversial issues such as sexuality, substance abuse, autism and bullying. Even though the show was not always pitch perfect in its writing or portrayal of the difficultly of growing up in the UK, what it was attempting to do was culturally significant.

Britain may have beautiful scenery, amazing culture and a rich history, but Skins recognised that for many life is difficult and opted for a diverse cast to portray the diverse problems suffered sometimes by the British youth. The show was a launching pad for the likes of Dev Patel, Jack O’Connell and Nicholas Hoult.

It could be argued that the show went on too long, but it was different and refreshing. And again, painfully British.


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