10 TV Shows That Ran Way Too Long

10. Friends

Number of seasons: 10 Number of seasons it should have had: 8 The last scene of Friends almost makes it all worthwhile. Leaving Chandler and Monica€™s apartment for the last time, the gang decide to go out for one final coffee, at which point Chandler gets the bittersweet last line of the series: €œWhere?€ Even with the knowledge that the end is all it€™s cracked up to be, one can€™t help but think that the impact of that final scene wouldn€™t have been diminished had seasons nine and ten never aired. It was in those years that Friends scrabbled around to find another way to delay Ross and Rachel€™s inevitable reunion and came up with Joey€™s newfound romantic interest in Rachel, which was uncomfortable to watch after almost a decade of their well-defined sibling relationship. The series had also outgrown its original premise of twenty-something single life in New York. Monica and Chandler were stuck in the rut of the sitcom married couple, Ross and Rachel were raising a child, and Joey and Phoebe were in danger of becoming little more than bundles of quirks. How much did they really have in common anymore? Friends is down here at number ten because it retains a certain charm even when it was almost completely tapped out of ideas, but seasons nine and ten threatened even that. With prior notice and removal of the superfluous storylines, season eight could have been the time to end on a high.

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