10 TV Shows That Redeemed Hated Characters In A Single Episode

From trash to treasure.

First impressions count for a lot, and that's especially true in the world of TV, whereby an irritating or badly written character can quickly become a series' punching bag, an object of derision for fans to take out all of their creative frustrations.

It's tough to come across a hit TV show that doesn't saddle audiences with at least one or two genuinely hateful characters, regardless of intent, but there are also those rare times where a widely-loathed character is actually redeemed.

These 10 TV series all took groan-worthy or straight-up unlikable characters and transformed the fan perception of them entirely within a single episode.

In some cases the change had been coming for a while, for sure, but these unforgettable episodes are where the flip was switched and all those prior fan frustrations went immediately out the window.

These surprising turnarounds for seemingly doomed characters are terrific proof that, no matter how much someone makes you roll their eyes, nobody - well, almost nobody - is entirely beyond redemption...

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