10 TV Shows That Rely Too Heavily On Nudity

Cover your eyes...

Emily Rossum

Nudity. It'€™s something we all have in common. We€™'re all born into this world in our birthday suits and end up that way again at some point every single day (and if that€™'s not true, please shower/change more), and sometimes we're even compelled to take pictures of our naked selves to send to loved ones or just out of idle curiosity. All harmless fun, but just be thankful you€™'re not a celebrity and your private images haven't been hacked, uploaded and pored over by millions.

The Fappening proved that naked curiosity, pardon the pun, is alive and well, but it€™'s also somewhat ironic in that so many of the victims were movie stars, yet nudity in the movies has actually become less prominent and more infrequent over the course of the last twenty years. Gratuitous killing is just fine, but you€™'re more likely to see movie stars on the toilet than in the buff.

Television, on the other hand, is a different story. Not so long ago, you€™'d rarely see so much as a nipple on mainstream TV but in recent times the gloves have come off, along with everything else. Ever since The Soprano's€™ gun muzzle flashes lit up the landscape in 1999, TV has entered a glorious golden age that shows no signs of slowing. From the serial killer proclivities of Dexter and Hannibal to the murky politics of House of Cards, nothing is off limits. And in a brave new world laid bare, it€™'s still nudity that grabs the headlines.

Is there too much of it on TV nowadays and do some shows rely too heavily on flashing the flesh? It'€™s a matter of opinion, but the shows that follow have all been accused of salacious salesmanship and caused the odd storm in a D-cup.


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